Our Great Orange Leader (Ugh)

Trump 1

Guess who?

I know it’s a hard question, right? I mean these two bully boy dictators kinda look the same don’t you think? Hint: Our Great Orange Leader has a perpetually orange comb over and a perpetually orange face due to bad hair dye to cover up the gray and bad makeup used to cover up his unhealthy looking pasty white face. Other than that they could be twins.

Trump 2

Here’s another comparison and it’s the reason I call the one on the left Our Great Orange Leader. Did you know that citizens of North Korea have no access to world news? They are not allowed to have Internet and North Korean television only has information about the feats of the little man they are forced to call their “Great Leader.” University students spend most of their time in forced study of the life of their “Great Leader.” Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, our Great Orange Leader has convinced those who follow him blindly that all news, all sources of information other than his Tweets, are “fake news.” And yes, I’m even including Fox News because now, after his horrific remarks about Charlottesville, Fox News is backing off of being his propaganda machine. He has to do it all by himself now on Twitter. He can’t even find a press secretary who would be willing to say the horrid things he Tweets at us every day. His former Republican allies in government are abandoning him in increasing numbers every day. He’s not concerned. I’m sure his plan is to do his four years and milk the office of President for all the cash he can. Yes, he says he will donate his salary. $400,000. A cheap publicity stunt. Meanwhile he’s able to get taxpayers to pay for the extravagant use of his real estate holdings, bilking us of millions of $$.

But I digress, I was trying to make a comparison of how these two dictators try to control all information access in their country. The orange one has proposed a new law to make it illegal for news media persons to withhold the identity of sources, called “leakers” by the orange one. This is a giant step toward his ultimate goal: making it illegal for any news to broadcast or print anything other than praise for our Great Orange Leader.

Comedians have got a lot of material from the Trump antics but let’s get serious now. He’s no laughing matter, not anymore. Now he has fully revealed himself as endorsing white supremacists and neo-Nazis with his remarks about the violence in Charlottesville, saying there’s violence on all sides, emphasizing it — “on all sides” — with an angry look of hate in his eyes. As if to say, “They were asking for it.” When advised by his few remaining staff to fix the damage this statement did to his approval rating, he doubled down on it. The white supremacists and neo-Nazis cheered their orange hero.

Before that happened there was the Great War of Words between the orange tyrant of the USA and the little asian dictator of North Korea. Trump saw his opportunity to go down in history as the man who started World War III by threatening Kim Jhong un with “fire and fury such as the world has never seen,” again putting on his angry bully boy face. Kim came back with, “Oh yeah? Then we gonna nuke your bases in Guam right now!” Fortunately, Kim, although not very bright, was at least more sane than Trump and backed down when China told him and Trump both to do so. Kim actually announced he was going to delay the launch toward Guam. Phew! Thank you Kim! No thank you Donald, you crazy idiot!

Should we be worried? Yes! Emphatically yes! I wasn’t so worried until these last two events. Yes, I noted that Trump was anti-muslim with his travel ban, that he was anti-transgender with his announcement that trans people would no longer be allowed to serve in the armed forces (even thought many already are), that he was anti-Mexican with his promise to build a wall between our two allied nations, just like the Berlin wall, with his even more recent announcement that he was going to drastically reduce immigration of citizens of all other countries. I knew he was a bigot and I was sad that he had wormed his way into the office of President. I knew all other countries viewed ours with disdain for electing him. I knew he had offended the leaders of all other countries except his buddy Putin of Russia who helped him steal the election. I also knew the orange one didn’t believe in science when he backed out of the International Panel on Climate Change, saying there’s no such thing as climate change.

These things were all bad without precedent but at least they didn’t threaten the world with imminent total destruction.


I figured that since special prosecutor Mueller was going after Trump and his minions for colluding with the Russians to steal information that would help him steal the election, that in time Trump would resign under threat of impeachment. The problem is that such things take years to unfold. Most criminal investigations take years and in the case of a sitting president, it’s going to take longer than most. Meanwhile we have the risk that Trump will push the red button when some leader of another country says something he doesn’t like. And he pretty much doesn’t like anything anybody says unless it’s praise for Our Great Orange Leader. Also, he’s already endorsing hatred of all non-white, non-fundamentalist-Christians. He’s fanning the rising flames of hatred nationwide. Great, so now we can expect violence from those angry bigots within who have been endorsed by our Great Orange Leader, as well as violence from external terrorists.


I say a less than fond goodbye to all of my potential readers who remain Trump supporters. Don’t buy my books. I don’t want your money. If you post a message on my blog to say you hate me for saying this, I will delete it and block you. We must all unite against this tyrant. He’s the modern age Hitler.


2 thoughts on “Our Great Orange Leader (Ugh)

  1. Hi Jini! There’s certainly a lot to complain about with the current administration! I was heartened yesterday by the turnout of peaceful counter protestors in Boston. I still believe we’ll weather this, but wow – still three and a half years to go!

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