Shocking Survey Results of Book Sales Statistics (All Authors, All Genres)

Click on the link below to read the Smashwords Survey of Ebook Trends and Data from Smashwords, Inc

Survey Link

It’s an example of the kind of things Smashwords does that cause me to think they provide the best support for independent, new, and all other kinds of authors who know they haven’t learned everything yet. Did you know that one genre has 70% of all sales? Can you guess which one it is? Do you know that Fantasy has risen from last place in sales to third in book sales this year and climbing? No, Erotica is not in second place. You won’t believe how far down the list it is. Do you know what the best price point is in terms of number of sales? Okay, yes it’s free but free doesn’t move as many books as it used to. Can you guess the second best price point? No it’s not $0.99. Can you guess what price is likely to move the most books and what price will make you the most money in a year? It’s two different numbers. Also revealed are statistics on how various marketing strategies do in terms of selling books. I found it all very interesting and extremely helpful. I think you will too.

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