TAX RELIEF for the USA – Free Ebooks for ALL even if you’re not in the USA

Federal income taxes are due in the USA on Monday, April 17. On the same day, the third edition of the first book Maginaugh, of my epic adult fantasy series The Fair and Fey, will become available free on Amazon through the Kindle Free Ebook Promotion program for FIVE DAYS ONLY! After that people will still be able to get a free copy from Amazon IF they belong to the Kindle Unlimited program but the Free Ebook Promotion is for everyone, not just Kindle Unlimited members.

Maginaugh cover blog

But wait, there’s more! I wanted all of you to have a free copy of all four of the currently published novels in my series The Fair and Fey but Amazon will only allow an author one book on free promotion each week. Therefore you must mark your calendar. On April 24  the second edition of Maahilund, Book Two of The Fair and Fey will become free on Amazon FOR FIVE DAYS ONLY!


But wait, there’s still more! If you look at it’s Amazon book site on May 1st you will see The Elves of Arthannegh, Book Three of The Fair and Fey has become free for the five days of May 1st – May 5th only!


And still there’s more! The third edition of The Elves of Avalon, the latest novel in my series, The Fair and Fey, will be free on Amazon from May 8th – May 12th only.


And there will always be more, forever and a year. But one day soon The Fair and Fey Series will have a final ending. I am currently finishing Book Five (working title Two Worlds Changed) and it will be the last book of the series.

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