A Sexy Scene from My Forthcoming Book 5

Credit where credit is due – this scene has been edited by my good friend and brilliant editor, Giulia Napoli. Thanks so much, Gi!


As a teaser for book 5, please enjoy this little interlude:

Vilya dove into the water from Grraack’s back a short distance from the shore of Avalon. As an Aquatic Elf, she had to satisfy her need to breathe water, but also she hoped to find her Dolphin lover and play with him for a while. She called out to him in his language of whistles and clicks but he didn’t answer. She swam for an hour, refreshing herself in the pleasant water of the Endless Sea, calling for her Dolphin lover occasionally. He never answered.

When she entered the palace in New Vanilonde, Vilya found Kauko, Ryyssa and Saerad had arrived before her and were waiting for her in the parlor. They sat close together on plush chairs, whispering about something. Occasionally Ryyssa would giggle.

Vilya cleared her throat. “Ahem. What’s so funny?”

Ryyssa grinned at her, her eyes twinkling with mischief. “We have come up with a plan to solve your problem with Narya.”

“Hmm, do I really want to know?”

“Just listen to it, love,” said Kauko. “I think you will like it.”

Vilya pulled another chair up close to them. “Very well, go on.”

Ryyssa said, “You need to make Narya jealous.”

Vilya shook her head. “No. Narya and I don’t feel jealousy. We are both free to have other lovers and we never get jealous.”

Ryyssa held her arm firmly. “Don’t be foolish. Listen to me. You are losing Narya. Nenya is not just some casual lover. She and Narya have fallen deeply in love and soon Narya will have no room in her heart for you. Nenya wants to steal her from you.”

Vilya shrugged. “If she succeeds, then so be it. I want Narya to be happy and if Nenya makes her happy, then I’m happy. I don’t want to fight Nenya for her. We are on the verge of another Demon war. Nenya is the queen of the Avian Elves and we will need their help. It’s not time to start quarrels.”

Kauko said, “It doesn’t need to be a fight or a quarrel. It only needs to be something to get Narya’s attention and make her see what she’s missing. She may feel a love for Nenya but I’m sure that deep inside she still has a love for you and me too.”

“What do you suggest then? You and I make love in the bed next to hers every night and it doesn’t seem to be getting her attention.”

Kauko grinned his impish grin of the Trickster. “I suggest we up the ante. Ryyssa and Saerad have asked to come to bed with us for a night of switching partners.”

“Oooo, oh my! Is this something you’re okay with too Saerad? Ryyssa and I have been lovers for many years but last I knew that was something with which you weren’t entirely comfortable.”

Saerad nodded. “That was when I was a boy, not yet a man. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m more mature now. You’re very beautiful, Vilya. I certainly wouldn’t mind a chance to be with you and Ryyssa has given me her blessing to do so.”

“And he’s a wonderful and well-endowed lover too I might add,” said Ryyssa as she stroked Saerad’s thigh.”

Vilya was considering the proposal. She didn’t know if it would do anything toward helping her win Narya back but she had always enjoyed making love with Ryyssa and, as she looked Saerad up and down, she found him very attractive too. She was curious to know what Ryyssa meant by “well endowed.”

“Give me some time to think about this. I will talk to Kauko about it tonight in bed and let you and Ryyssa know my answer in the morning.”


A few days later:

Vilya greeted them at the door of her bedroom. Ryyssa asked. “Well, have you decided?”

Vilya grinned. “How can I resist?”

And she kissed Ryyssa. Ryyssa kissed her back with passion. Vilya looked at Saerad and hesitated for a moment then kissed him too. “Come in please. Kauko is waiting for us in my bed. Narya and Nenya are already making love in the other bed.”

Ryyssa saw Kauko was naked and he was stroking a very impressive erection while watching Narya and Nenya licking each other in the other bed. Ryyssa hoped it wouldn’t bother Vilya too much if she had to watch Kauko and Saerad in a threesome with her. That was how she planned to enjoy the evening’s festivities.

Kauko had long bright red hair, nicely pointed ears, a taught nicely muscled body, sparkling green eyes, and a seemingly constant impish grin. She gazed at Kauko’s body and became aroused thinking about how it would feel to have him and Saerad inside her at the same time. Kauko had long bright red hair, nicely pointed ears, a taught nicely muscled body, sparkling green eyes, and a seemingly constant impish grin. She wondered if Vilya would like how he looked lying between the black thighs of a female Drow Elf. She took off the simple white shift she was wearing with nothing underneath and climbed into bed with him.

She said, “Here let me help you with that,” as she wrapped her soft ebony fingers around his hard ivory shaft and began stroking him.

Ryyssa looked over at Saerad and blew him a kiss. He blew one back and then turned to Vilya and kissed her. They began undressing each other and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. Saerad had a hand on each of Vilya’s breasts and was squeezing and caressing them. Vilya was cupping Saerad’s firm ass cheeks and was pulling him close, rubbing her body against his rapidly hardening cock.


Hearing all the moaning coming from the adjacent bed, Narya lifted her face from Nenya’s pussy and looked over at the four lovers. Kauko and Ryyssa were engaged in more than timid foreplay. They were in the bed already, Ryyssa on top of Kauko in a reverse position, his cock in her mouth and his tongue lapping at her pussy. Narya watched the four of them as Saerad continued to fondle Vilya’s breasts. She became very aroused seeing Kauko’s white manhood sliding in and out of Ryyssa’s black mouth as she bobbed up and down on it. Vilya pulled Saerad into bed and went down on him, taking his semi-erect staff into her mouth.

Narya shook her head, suddenly remembering what she was supposed to be doing when she realized Nenya had stopped licking her and heard Nenya mumble from between her thighs, “Why did you stop?”

“Oh, sorry, I was distracted by what’s going on in the other bed.”

“Well this is no good. If you would rather watch them, get off me and let’s watch together.”

“No love, I’m sorry. I want you. It won’t happen again.”

She went back to licking Nenya but did manage to keep watching Vilya from the corner of her eyes. She felt Nenya return to licking her pussy at the same time. It felt good but she couldn’t take her eyes off Vilya and Saerad. Vilya mounted Saerad now and lowered her pussy onto his hard cock slowly. Narya moaned into Nenya’s pussy. It had been so long since she had a man inside her.

Narya shuddered as she saw what happened next. Kauko left Ryyssa and came over behind Vilya. He rubbed his cock, wet from Ryyssa’s mouth, around the opening of Vilya’s tight ass. Oh my god, thought Narya, the lucky nymph is going to have two inside her at once! Although very distracted and aroused by this, she kept licking Nenya. She didn’t want to be scolded by her lover again.

She saw Kauko press his cock against Vilya’s back hole and very slowly push the head inside the brown puckered opening. She heard Vilya moan loudly and say, “Go slow please. You’re so big. It hurts a little, but don’t stop. Please don’t stop. I want this!”

Vilya kissed Saerad passionately. Kauko pushed in more, his hands cupping Vilya’s breasts and squeezing them. Ryyssa was sitting nearby, fingering herself as she watched. She said, “Enjoy dear. After they orgasm, it will be our turn to make love and I will lick their cum from both of your holes.”

Kauko kept pushing slowly and Narya watched with jealousy twisting her gut as his cock disappeared inch by inch into Vilya’s ass. Eventually his balls were resting on Saerad’s balls and now both of them were totally inside Vilya. Vilya exclaimed, “Oh god, so good, so full!”

Now both male Elves began to thrust in and out of Vilya. They soon worked out a rhythm. Kauko withdrew a bit when Saerad thrust up into Vilya’s pussy. Then he thrust into her ass all the way again as Saerad withdrew. It didn’t take long at all before Vilya was shaking and screaming in her first orgasm. Narya knew she would have more before Saerad and Kauko emptied their balls into her pussy and ass.

In and out, in and out, Kauko and Saerad kept ravaging Vilya’s ass and pussy. Her next orgasm was even stronger than the first. Her arms were flailing and she was screaming louder than the first time. Now Narya came too, not from the sensations of Nenya licking her pussy but from watching Vilya overcome with such erotic rapture. She felt sharp pangs of jealousy but that only added to her arousal and she squirted into Nenya’s mouth. She vaguely felt Nenya sucking her pussy to drink all her cum.

She saw Vilya’s ass clench, milking Kauko’s cock and knew Vilya would also be squeezing Saerad’s cock in her pussy as she orgasmed. It took both Kauko and Saerad over the edge and they both roared, “I’m coming!” at the same time.

“Yes, yes, come in me,” said Vilya, “fill both my holes!”

Narya saw both sets of balls contracting as the shot loads of hot semen into Vilya. It must have only been seconds but, to Narya, it seemed to go on forever. Finally they finished and Kauko withdrew out of Vilya’s ass. Vilya rolled off Saerad onto her back next to Ryyssa and said, “Thank you, thank you. That was amazing!”

“Our turn now sweetheart,” said Ryyssa, “or do you need to rest now?”

“No, no rest. I want more!”

Ryyssa grinned and climbed on top of Vilya so her black pussy was over Vilya’s face and her head was between Vilya’s white thighs. Narya knew Vilya felt a strong love for Ryyssa, and she was now more jealous than ever as she watched the two making love. With the male Elves it was good but with Ryyssa it was truly lovemaking. Narya could see the two were really in love with each other. Their hips were rocking and they were moaning sensually as their tongues danced in and out of each other.

Narya could see little rivers of white semen running from Vilya’s pussy onto Ryyssa’s face as Ryyssa licked it out of her. Vilya was sucking Ryyssa’s love bud now and thrusting two fingers in and out. Ryyssa screamed, “Yes, yes, I’m coming!”

They didn’t stop. After she finished coming Ryyssa thrust two fingers into Vilya’s pussy and began licking the cum out of Vilya’s ass. Vilya was shaking and cried out, “Oh yes, coming! I love you Ryyssa!”

Narya felt like the jealousy was burning a hole in her heart but it made her climax again too. Once again Nenya sucked her pussy and drank all her cum. Ryyssa slapped Vilya’s ass and said, “That was great! I love you too. Now get off me. I bet the boys are hard from watching us and ready for action again. It’s my turn with them now.”

Vilya giggled. “Go ahead dear. Enjoy yourself. I’ll rub myself like you did while I watch. After they are done with you we can make love again and I’ll lick their semen from your holes.”

Ryyssa grinned at her and then went to Kauko and Saerad who were both sitting up in bed stroking their hard cocks. She said, “Oooh … are those for me?”

They both said, “Yes!”

Kauko said, “Saerad and I have been talking, well, whispering actually, and we came to an agreement. Since this will be the first time you and I will make love, I want your pussy. Saerad doesn’t mind. He will be happy to have your ass.”

Ryyssa chuckled. “So romantic, you red-headed idiot! Kiss me first. Both of you.”

They complied and, as she took turns kissing them, she stroked their erect staffs, one in each hand. She said, “I’m so wet and ready. No more foreplay needed. Lay on your back Kauko. I want to ride you.

Kauko grinned. “I f eel like making myself invisible to see if you can find my cock without being able to see it.”

“Go ahead. I won’t have any trouble. You smell like sex after making love to Vilya and I’m sure your cock smells like her sweet ass. I’ll just follow my nose.”

Kauko didn’t bother making good on his threat to cast a spell of invisibility on himself. He lay on his back and held his erect staff up straight so Ryyssa could impale herself on it. She straddled him then reached down and guided him into her black pussy. Narya’s eyes were wide as she watched him disappear inside her black body.

Ryyssa turned to Saerad and said, “Wait for a bit before you take my ass if you don’t mind Saerad. Perhaps Vilya will suck you to keep you hard while you’re waiting. I want to enjoy making love with Kauko for a while before you join in.”

Ryyssa looked questioningly at Vilya and Vilya said, “Always happy to help a friend. I would be happy to suck Saerad while watching you with my lover.”

Ryyssa and Vilya blew kisses at each other. Then Vilya went down on Saerad, taking him into her mouth. Ryyssa began riding Kauko, bouncing up and down on his cock, her breasts jiggling as she rode him. Narya could see Kauko’s white staff appear and disappear in and out of Ryyssa’s black body as Ryyssa rode him.

Ryyssa spent some long moments with Kauko’s cock totally embedded in her while she moved her hips in a circular, side to side motion, grinding her most sensitive spot on the base of his cock. She kept doing this until a shattering orgasm overcame her, at which point she bent down and kissed him, their tongues entwined and moving in and out of each other’s mouths.

Bending over position, she was in a perfect position for Saerad to enter her from behind. He asked, “May I join in now?”

Ryyssa mumbled, “Mhm,” as she continued to kiss Kauko.

Narya expected Saerad to push into Ryyssa’s ass as Kauko had done to Vilya but Saerad evidently had other plans. He laid his cock directly on top of Kauko’s and began to push into Ryyssa’s pussy!

Ryyssa screamed, “No! Stop! It’s too much! I can’t take both of you in there.”

“Relax,” said Saerad. I’ll go very slow. If it hurts so much you can’t stand it, I’ll pull out but I think you will like after we’re both all the way inside you.”

“O-k-k-kay, I’ll try. Go ahead.”

Ryyssa moaned and groaned as Saerad pushed slowly, bit by bit going in, stretching her pussy wider with every inch of penetration. She was biting her lip and her eyes were watering but she never said it hurt too much or asked Saerad to pull out. Narya had never had two cocks in her pussy and wondered what it would feel like. She wondered what it felt like to Saerad and Kauko with their cocks squeezed together inside Ryyssa.

Vilya evidently wondered the same thing because she asked Kauko, “Are you okay love? Does it hurt?”

Kauko shook his head. “No it doesn’t hurt. It feels amazing. So tight!”

They started moving inside her, synchronizing their movements so that as one thrust into her, the other was sliding out. This way there was always one of them thrusting into her. Ryyssa’s eyes rolled back and she shuddered in overwhelming orgasm. Narya moaned loudly watching this. She didn’t even realize Nenya had stopped licking her and she had stopped licking Nenya long moments ago.

With disdain in her voice, Nenya said, “Very well, if watching them is better than making love with me, go watch them then. Get off me!”

She pushed Narya off, got out of bed, and left the room. Narya was torn between wanting to run after her and wanting to stay and watch the most arousing thing she had ever seen – her old lovers, Vilya and Kauko, both being pleasured by Saerad and Ryyssa. She couldn’t take her eyes off the scene in front of her and that made her decision. She was fingering herself in time with Saerad and Kauko’s thrusts into Ryyssa.

Vilya was on the opposite side of the threesome from Narya and managed to catch her eye. She smiled, winked, blew a kiss to Narya and mouthed the words, “I love you.” She was fingering herself too, in time with Narya.

Kauko and Saerad had already climaxed once with Vilya so they lasted a long time, bringing Ryyssa to three orgasms before they had their own. Saerad climaxed first. Narya could see his balls tighten and his ass cheeks clench as he pumped his semen into Ryyssa. Mere moments after Saerad climaxed, Kauko thrust up into Ryyssa and bellowed, “I’m cumming. Take it Ryyssa!”

Ryyssa kissed Kauko as he added a second load inside her. Between Saerad and Kauko, there was so much sperm inside her that Narya could see it foaming and bubbling out of Ryyssa from around the two staffs. Vilya was climaxing too and Narya climaxed with her.

All five were shattered and just lay in the beds panting for a few moments afterward. As they softened, Saerad withdrew from Ryyssa and she dismounted from Kauko. She smiled at Vilya and said, “That was amazing! If we can get them hard again, you have to try it. Care to taste what they left inside me? It’s quite a bit!”


Vilya leaped on top of Ryyssa with her pussy over Ryyssa’s mouth and began to lap the frothy white cream from Ryyssa’s pussy. Narya was flabbergasted and heartbroken because they had not invited her to join in. They were all acting like she wasn’t even in the room. She cried softly, not making any noise, not wanting to interrupt. It hurt but she still wanted to watch. She started to wonder if she had lost Vilya and Kauko. She realized they meant more to her than Nenya did.

As she watched Vilya eagerly licking out and drinking the ejaculations of both Saerad and Kauko from Ryyssa’s pussy and Ryyssa lavishing loving attention on Vilya with her tongue, she could tell this was more than a casual coupling. She could plainly see the two Elves, one a black Drow and the other Aquatic, were making love. It was obviously a deep passionate love. In fact, as she was thinking this, they lifted their faces from each other’s opening and both said, “I love you!”

Narya sobbed. She cried loudly now. She and Vilya had lovers and best friends for ages. It was as if they were married. She always thought Vilya was the one true love of her life. She wondered, What happened? How did it come to this? I guess I neglected Vilya for too long and now I’ve lost her. Love is like a garden. Left untended they both die.


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