Maginaugh now available in paperback!

Maginaugh, my first novel, has been out for Ereaders since 2012. Recently I learned that Createspace allows indie authors to create a paperback version of their novel and it’s free to use. Basically how it works is no books get printed until someone orders it. It’s called print-on-demand. Createspace is a division of Amazon and the paperback gets advertised for sale on Amazon automatically, worldwide. It’s too early for me to claim I will make very much money doing this, I only pushed this paperback to Amazon yesterday. It does make me happy though because I know there are folks out there who prefer to have a book made with real paper and smelling of printer’s ink. I apologize to those folks for the price being higher than the equivalent Ebook. Blame printing costs. Createspace sets a required minimum price to cover printing costs and to allow them to make a small profit.
Product Details

Maginaugh, Book One of The Fair and Fey (Volume 1)

Dec 31, 2012

by J. Ellyne


$ 6 95 Prime
Get it by Saturday, Jan 7
FREE Shipping on eligible orders

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