Author Animal Farm—New York GOOOOD, Self-Pub BAAAAAAD

Yay! Right on sister, you tell ’em! I like you Kristen. I like the way you think.

By the way, Maginaugh, my first novel of the series The Fair and Fey will be available for sale on Amazon sometime this week for those of you who like to feel the paper and smell the printer’s ink. This is courtesy of Createspace, a free tool for indie authors to make a paperback out of a word file properly formatted as you would for Smashwords or Kindle. I had to play around with Word rulers and margins to get the page size right so the price would be reasonable. Createspace demands a minimum price which is how they make their money, taking a big slice of the pie for themselves, lol. I will do the other novels soon too because there are folks out there who insist on paper.

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Original image via Kabsik Park courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. Original image via Kabsik Park courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

Okay at first I wasn’t going to say anything regarding the latest Let’s Bash Self-Publishing rant over at HuffPo, but (like all “real” writers) I am in the business of serving my audience—YOU—what you want to hear and after about the tenth person who sent me Laurie Gough’s Self-Publishing—An Insult to the Written Word, I figured y’all might want my take 😉 .

For another angle on this controversy, I strongly recommend Fisking the HuffPo’s Snooty Rant About Self-Publishing.

Moving on…

Consider the Source


First of all, am I the only one to see the laughable hypocrisy of anyone who writes for Huffington Post lecturing anyone about real writing? Huffington Post is a predatory business, a literary parasite that has made hundreds of millions of dollars by paying writers in “exposure dollars.” And, by doing so, has…

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