Warning: if explicit sex in love scenes offend you, don’t read this post

Narya, Morganna, Vilya, and Ryssa enjoy a foursome

Narya, Wood Elf:narya
Morganna: Druid Priestessmorganna-le-fey-4Vilya: Aquatic Elfvilya-3Ryyssa: Drow Elfryyssa09

My good friend and brilliant author Giulia Napoli gave me the best idea yet for my soon to be published fourth edition of the Elves of Avalon. She said this ending for Chapter 27 will probably leave readers flat and that I should probably describe in some detail what happens next. Here’s the previous ending:


Hah!” Arthur exclaimed, clapping his hands. “I know of this place. It is one of the old Roman baths. The Britons in the area call it Badon. This is wonderful news Vilya, thank you. The Anglish have made a fatal mistake and we do indeed have a decent chance for victory because of it. They have put themselves into a trap.

“I need to speak with my generals now. We need to plan an attack on Badon soon, before they decide to attack us. You have had a long day. I have rooms set aside in the palace, one for you and Narya, the other for Ryyssa. Feel free to return to Avalon tomorrow if you wish although I would greatly appreciate it if you would stay and keep an eye on Badon Hill Fort for me tomorrow as well. I am deep in debt to you all for your service.

“Thank you but we will only need one room,” said Ryyssa. “Vilya and Narya have invited me to spend the night with them. If you don’t mind, I will tell Morganna that she and her husband can take the other room.”

“Erm, I suppose there’s no harm in that. I bid you a good night.”

Ryyssa turned to leave the room with Vilya and Narya following. At the door she turned back and said to Arthur, “I think we will be staying at least until the battle begins and possibly during it. We just don’t want to fight on the ground this time.”

When they were out of range of Arthur’s hearing, she said to Narya, “I know you don’t really fancy being with me tonight dear and I don’t mind. In fact it would be lovely if you wouldn’t mind if I have Vilya to myself tonight, for old time’s sake.”

“No, I don’t mind at all. You two have fun. I will just watch and pleasure myself while you two make love.”

“Hmm.” Ryyssa rubbed her chin. “Or, you could ask Morganna if she wants to be with us tonight. I know she’s newly married but it’s probably been a long time since she was with a woman and I would wager she will jump at the chance, giving her apologies and reassurances to her husband.”

“Well, I do fancy her. It would be good fun. No harm in asking her I suppose but I doubt she will want me.”

Ryyssa grinned. “I don’t.”




“What’s this?” asked Lot after hearing Narya’s proposal to Morganna. “We haven’t even had a proper honeymoon and you want to steal my bride from me for the night? And you Morganna, you never told me you wanted to be with a woman in bed. I thought you preferred men.”

“Oh I do, darling. I will always prefer men and I will prefer you above all others. I will be faithful to you. I will never go behind your back. If you forbid this I will honor your wishes.”

“But you would like to do this thing?”

Morganna blushed. “Yes, just for the one night, with your permission. It’s been many years since I was last with a woman. It was good then and I admit I will sometimes get these urges.”

Lot shook his head. Then he laughed. “The secrets a man doesn’t know about his bride until after the ceremony. Very well. I know Narya has a lover and they are One, like us. I don’t suppose you want to steal my Morganna from me forever, do you Narya?”

Narya giggled, “No, just for one night and then I will bring her back in good condition, I promise you.”

Morganna clasped her hands together in supplication. “Let me do this please, Lot, and tomorrow night I will give you anything you ask of me and more. I will do things to please you that you never even dreamed of asking for.”

Lot grinned. “Hmm, ‘anything’ you say? That covers a lot of territory,” he said looking her body up and down.

“Yes my lord and master,” said Morganna running her hands over her body, “It includes all of this, in whatever way you want.”

“Only for one night though?”

Morganna laughed merrily, “No, this bargain is good for the rest of your life.”


And here’s what I added today, thanks to Giulia’s prodding:


Narya clapped her hands and squealed with joy, “Morganna, you came! I’m so glad. We’re going to have so much fun. Vilya and Ryyssa have already started without us.”

Morganna surveyed the scene in the bedroom. “So I see.”

All three women were naked. Vilya and Ryyssa were in bed, their thighs entwined like two pair of scissors, rubbing their pussies together, their hips moving rhythmically in unison. They were moaning and Morganna could hear the soft wet sounds made by their union.

Morganna asked Narya. “Don’t you want to be with Vilya? Doesn’t it make you jealous to see them enjoying each other so much?”

“Shh, come here. I want you tonight.”

Morganna came to her and Narya took her in her arms and kissed her. Narya’s tongue entered her mouth and when Morganna felt Narya’s tongue dance lightly around hers, she reciprocated and their tongues danced.

As Narya undressed Morganna she said, “Yes it does make me jealous to see Ryyssa making love to my lover but it also makes me very happy to see Vilya getting so much pleasure. I know Vilya has a love for Ryyssa but it doesn’t diminish her love for me. Love need not be limited to one person. Plus, jealousy can be an aphrodisiac. I’m very aroused from watching them and need to make passionate love with you now.”

Soon Narya had Morganna naked and the two were playing with each other’s breasts and rubbing them together as they kissed. Their kisses became more passionate and soon their fingers began to roam lower until thy entered each other. Narya maneuvered Morganna over to the bed as they fingered each other and they fell into the bed together next to Ryyssa and Vilya who were still grinding their pussies together.

Vilya said, “Oh, hello, Morganna. I’m glad you could come keep Narya company while Ryyssa and I make love tonight,” and she leaned over and kissed Morganna.

Narya turned around on top of Morganna and went down on her, slipping her tongue inside where her fingers had been moments ago. As she felt Narya’s tongue dart in and out, Morganna saw colored stars. She thought, Narya is much better at this than Lot. I hope this won’t be the only time we get to make love.”

Narya’s pussy was directly over her face. It was open in arousal and glistened with moisture. It smelled sweet and made Morganna want to taste it. She extended her tongue and dragged it through Narya’s slit. She heard Narya moan. Soon they were tonguing each other, in and out, their hips moving and heads bobbing in unison, moaning into each other’s love holes. Morganna felt the vibrations of Narya’s moans deep in her core.

Morganna pushed two fingers into Narya and sucked her clit. Narya screamed and squirted as she orgasmed, filling Morganna’s mouth. When she stopped shaking ,she did the same to Morganna, plunging two fingers inside, finding Morganna’s erogenous spot inside her entrance, rubbing it and sucking on her clit until Morganna climaxed, spurting into Narya’s mouth.

Morganna was shattered after her orgasm. It sounded like the words were coming from another world when she heard Ryyssa saying, “That looked like fun. Want to change partners?”

Her world came back into focus slowly as she heard Narya reply, “No offense Ryyssa but no, thank you. I like you as a friend and I’m glad you make Vilya happy but I’ve never fancied you as a lover.”

Ryyssa shook her head. “Pity. You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“Oh don’t worry, I can see from watching you with Vilya that you’re very good. I’m sorry. I just don’t feel the attraction I need in order to be with someone.”

“Very well then, I would like to watch you and Morganna have a threesome with Vilya. I wager you would enjoy that.”

Narya said, “I thought you wanted to be with Vilya tonight.”

“I do and I will be again but, as you said, jealousy can be a strong aphrodisiac. I would find it very arousing and fun to watch you three make love while I watch and pleasure myself. The night is still young. I will have plenty of time after your threesome to ravage Vilya some more and I will want to all the more after watching her with you two.”

Morganna saw Narya and Vilya exchange impish looks and she said, “Don’t I get any say in the matter?”

Narya and Vilya said, “No!” in unison and pounced on her.

They each kissed one of her full breasts and sucked her perky pink nipples, biting them gently and rolling them with their tongues. Morganna’s breasts were very sensitive and tender after her climax and she screamed with a pleasure that was almost painful. They each had a finger in her pussy and were moving them in and out together.

They kept this up until Morganna climaxed again. Then Narya spread Morganna’s legs apart wide and slid her own thighs between Morganna’s in the scissors position. As Narya fucked Morganna pussy to pussy, Vilya straddled Morganna’s face and pushed her pussy down on Morganna’s mouth, saying, “Eat me!”

Morganna tried hard to concentrate on the two pussies attacking her. She rolled her hips, grinding her pussy with Narya’s. She licked Vilya’s pussy and sucked her clit as Vilya bounced on her face. As if this wasn’t enough stimulation for her she suddenly felt Ryyssa’s mouth covering one of her nipples and sucking.

She climaxed harder this time, shaking and crying but her three lovers didn’t let up their attack. It went on and on. She felt Narya squirt into her pussy as Narya climaxed. She tasted Vilya’s cum as she filled her mouth. She heard and felt Ryyssa moan on her breast as Ryyssa climaxed from fingering herself.

After they had all climaxed, they lay in a puddle of naked sweaty bodies for several moments, shattered from powerful orgasms. Then Ryyssa said, “That was fantastic! Let’s do it again. Only this time Narya has to be the watcher while Morganna, Vilya, and I make love. Morganna stay where you are. Vilya, rub pussies with her. I’m going to sit on her face.”

No one seemed to mind Ryyssa giving orders. It sounded like a brilliant idea to Morganna. She said, “Yes, let’s do it. Please.”

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