Inspirations for Book 5 (WIP)

There be Dragons in Otherworld

Otherworld map

Dragon Isle

Dragon Isle

Green Dragons are friendly, earthy types

Dragon Girl 02

Red Dragons are passionate and short tempered. They have great power in battle and are formidable guardians.

dragon girl 08

Black Dragons can be dangerous. They are the most powerful type and are apt to anger easily. 

dragon girl 03

White Dragons are dangerous and ferocious with supernatural power.

elf girl with dragon

Grey Dragons have a white and a black parent and have traits of both.

dragon girl 04

Gold Dragons are fighters with ice breath. They often have a hoard of treasure.

dragon girl 06

Arthur rides a Golden Dragon in Otherworld. Merlin helped him tame it.


Purple dragons are affectionate and have a sense of humor.

dragon girl 11

Blue Dragons are Aquatic Dragons. They spend a lot of time swimming underwater. They are highly magical and highly protective of their rider.


Aquatic Elf with her Aquatic Dragon

dragon girl 12

Bronze Dragons are warriors with impenetrable scales.

dragon girl 10

Dragons like to be ridden by naked female Elves.

naked dragon girl  dragonandwomen

Dragon babies hatch from eggs.


Bone Dragons are minions of the Dark One. They live on the Isle of the Damned.


Dragon guarding a knight in the moonlight of the six moons of Otherworld.

moons and dragon



5 thoughts on “Inspirations for Book 5 (WIP)

  1. Helloooooo. I loved all the pictures of the Dragons. Which one of them would you put Smaug, from the Hobbit film into?
    Eagerly awaiting book 5. The Elves of Avalon, Book 4, is a wonderful read. Part of the way through it now and so recommend it to all who buy it.
    Best wishes and Kisses
    Emma xxxxxxxxxxx


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