Characters in The Elves of Avalon

Narya 13 Narya

Merlin 23 Merlin with staff

Queen Tra’aera  25 Queen Tra'aera of the Wood Elves

Jubilex 21 Jubilex Jormungandr 08 Jormungandr

Orcs 18a Orcs attacking Saerad Saerad

Viviane Viviane 2

Morgause  Morgause3

Nyynnwe Nyynnwe

Arthur young arthur

Grraack & Vilya  Griffin_rider_Vilya

Morganna Le Fey Morganna Le Fey 4

 Vilya Vilya 2

Kauko 19b Kauko

Ryyssa Ryyssa 2

Ruavina & Blorigo Ruavina with dragon 01

Guinevere guinevere__s_temptation_by_gin7gin8-d3dnbun

Taliesin Taliesin and guinevere_1

Twyrch Trwyth Twrch Guarnob devil-face 

The Dark Lord aka Hiisi aka Satan21 Hiisi in Otherworld

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